Directors of Natyakalari, Raghunath accomplishing their vision in Indian classical dance established Natyakalari in Alwaye, Kerala.

Natyakalari distinguishes ourself with her dynamic approach and innovative style in classical dance. Our versatile mind and art scores distinctive creation making her an absolute interpreter of Indian arts and aesthetics.

Parvathy has her own uniqueness in the creation and choreography of different forms of Indian classical dances. Our vision delves deep into the Indian resoteric Doctrines which acknowledges the cosmic dance of Siva in its trifold capacity. Her vision also encompasses the combination of two dual principles ( Siva and Sakthi) which makes the subtle moment of atomic pulsation in the cosmic dance of the Universe.


We attempts to assimilate the unique potentials of dance distinct from music painting, sculpture and literature. Where there is the union of the dance and dancer with singularity of experience. As philosophers of the yore, transfer this grea exemplification of dance alone. Natyakalari acknowledges an integrates this meticulous wisdom of no gradation in their own life principles. This integrated vision makes her possible to implement dance and adapt it according to the need and necessity of time and age.


Philomina George
Trained from Kerala and was the first rank holder from the MG University. Philomina George is one of the senior member of Natyakalari.

Sangeetha S Ben
A dancer undergone training from the same school of art and is one of the good achiever of the same university. Who has a lot of credentials under her credit.


Anitha Murali
A renowned dancer who has performed all over India. A person who has insight towards this art form and is a good mentor for the budding talents. She has her own uniqueness in this field of art form.